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Outer Sound is an innovative platform that strives to provide authentic, immersive and affordable live music events and experiences. 

We are centred on helping local communities cultivate a broader music taste, while also empowering artists.

Folk Musicians Open Air Show

Meet the Team

Charles Chaboche

Origin: Paris, France
By day: Agent, Promoter
Faves: Charles Mingus, David Bowie

Event producer and agent with 12+ years in the music and film industries, Charles has worked on a range of projects for international entertainment companies, including Universal Music, AEG and Live Nation. He is an avid reader of Russian, French and American literature. Previously, he lived in London. 

Diana Figueroa

Origin: New York City, USA
By day: Journalist, Copyeditor 
Faves: Talking Heads, The 1975, Stevie Nicks

A “Jane of all trades,” Diana is a born and bred New Yorker, who moved to Berlin four years ago. In her 6+ years as a “no-beat” journalist, her fervent enthusiasm for music led her to pursue a secondary path leading and hosting events. She is also a proud Latina.

Steve Mattocks

Origin: Worcester, UK
By day: UX Designer, Strategist
Faves: Bonobo, Four Tet, Public Service Broadcasting

An adventurous hiker, climber, music aficionado and enthusiastic MC, Steve has worked as a UX designer and event producer  throughout his six years in Berlin. He favours music of all genres, including electronic, chillwave, Brit-pop and trip-hop.

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