Apply to play with Outer Sound

Eager to play in front of a carefully selected, attentive audience? We’d love to have you. Follow along how to do so below.

How it works:

◦ You get in touch with us if you’d be interested in performing. Name, location, genre, and what your live set up is like with a few links to your socials, previous work or recorded shows.
◦ We get in touch if we like what we hear and want to invite you to one of our shows (and fill you in on what we need from you and what you need from us).
◦ Hook, line, and sinker! Coordination begins and the magic happens when you play your first Outer Sound show with us.
◦ After the show, we send out guests your details and connect you with a larger fan base for your next event or performance!

Take the first step to getting up on that stage!

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